Classes + Offerings

Includes 30 Min EFT Tapping Training + 7 Guided eft tapping Videos on various topics 

10 day Course- 10 mins/Day to interrupt your stress cycle with somatics to greater create emotional stability

42 Digital + Printable Somatic Self-Care Cards for Interrupting Your Stress Cycle with Ease

Join the NOURISH Membership Healing Hub to nourish your mind/body/spirit with somatic healing Practices + nervous system Rewiring

Monthly R+R Class Held On Zoom To Release Tension/Stress/Trauma Stuck In Your Body + Restore Inner Peace With Hands-On Somatic Healing Practices

The Nourish membership Offers 1:1 Coaching Opportunities that include Access to the Nourish Healing Hub along with Customized Coaching Sessions