Client Testimonials...

"Jill has been an integral part of my healing journey from the very beginning. As I have navigated the pain of my children’s suicides, Jill’s proficient understanding of trauma and its impacts has enabled me to not just survive, but to thrive after such deep loss.

Jill is a safe place where I feel seen, heard, understood, and validated. This has allowed me to explore, uncover, and embrace parts of myself that I had previously not known or neglected. Her knowledge of trauma’s effects on the body has helped me to learn and adopt somatic practices which has resulted in greatly decreasing my debilitating hyper vigilance and anxiety.

Now, I am more open, honest, and real. I am not stuck and mired in pain as I once was. I am able to recognize and access feelings and parts of myself that I was previously disconnected from. Understanding and accepting myself in new ways has also empowered me to have greater depth and connection in my relationships. Without Jill’s deep compassion, perspective, adept insight, guidance, and encouragement, I would not experience the amount of freedom, healing, energy, and joy that I have today. I am eternally grateful to Jill for the life-changing impact of her work in my life."
"At the beginning of my session I felt disconnected within myself and the environment around me. I felt discouraged and like I couldn't do the next thing. I felt stuck.

Jill helped invite a connection with my past self and behaviors. Seeing myself in a picture gave me more compassion towards that little girl, towards who I am now in the present, and towards why I respond the way I respond to myself. It was eye opening and I felt like I deserve to honor myself. Going inward with Jill made parts of me feel more accessible.

At the end of the session, I felt empowered and it gave me more motivation to do what I thought I couldn't do. I felt more peace and no longer at war with myself."
*Level of activation on scale from 1-10: Started at 8. Ended at 1.
"I really appreciate how you shared a little about your story because I can relate to so much of it. As a result, I felt understood from the very beginning. I wasn't AT ALL worried that you were judging me. In fact, I felt extremely safe and completely seen, understood and energetically truly held. I feel like you care a ton and your compassion is completely genuine. You were extremely attentive to what I was communicating- not only my verbal expression but also through my body language and the somatic responses I described, which made it feel safe to be seen. Intertwining the somatic experience with the inner child connection was new for me and although extremely uncomfortable at times, was the perfect way to acknowledge neglected parts of me and stay in my body. There were times that I was struggling and wanted to flee (leave my body and the "work") and because you were so present with me you seemed to sense that and provided beautiful guidance or the exact question I needed at the perfect time, which helped me to finally stay present for my inner child. That also allowed me to go deeper into healing than I have in the past.
"Jill has helped coach me through several dark days and hard life phases. She is kind and empathetic but also challenging. She offers tools and exercises to help you work through the real issue at hand. I have found her coaching helps move me from stuck to back in life facing my challenges head on. She has given me several phrases that echo in my head on a regular basis and challenge me to press on."
"I feel like the things I have known but haven't been able to truly connect in a way to get to the deeper level and heal are finally coming together. Hope to move forward to a place of healing and freedom will be possible.

Jill has guided me to get to the underneath hidden wounds, safely expose them, and work towards healing. It's learning to find the cause of the past that's affecting my present and then moving my mind + body from being stuck into moving it through and releasing it in the moment and keep my peace. "
"Jill came into my life at a really challenging time. She was loving and kind. She heard me and listened. She taught me all sorts of things to regulate my nervous system and get my brain thinking that way. She helped me see so much in myself and has helped me so much. She is passionate about what she does and loves you through it. Even on the days I could not do it she listened and let me cry it out and met me where I was that day. She encouraged me through it, sometimes just taking moments to breathe. I am so very thankful for her and what she did/does in my life to help make me a healthier version of myself. She gives me tools for when she is not around to practice so I can learn to do all the things she has taught me and take them with me as I grow.

Thanks Jill! You are one of a kind and you helped give my life back."
"Jill is an amazing coach! She is kind and empathetic and vulnerable and has helped me through the most difficult season in my life. She has give me many different tools to help me find love and compassion for myself and settle down my nervous system. She has combined love, compassion, and support while still gently challenging me. I am so grateful to have her in my life and on my team!"