A Note From Jill...

Hey friend. I’m glad you’re here! Helping women move from surviving to thriving through empowered self-healing practices is my jam! I specialize in trauma + chronic stress recovery. If you struggle with repeat cycles of anxiety and/or depression, I’m here for you! 

My magic factor is my ability to help you make peace with the hurting parts of yourself-  you know, those parts that you wish you could change. I guide you to live with self compassion + no longer feel at war with yourself.

I teach you to use mind + body healing practices that retrain your nervous system, release stuck tension + emotional pain, restore self-trust, and reconnect safely to your wounded inner parts so that you can reclaim a life of joy + peace.

I believe being vulnerable with you is essential in creating emotional safety for you to expand your nervous system capacity + move through stress and trauma in new ways. I guide you to “dance in the imperfect mess of being a messy human living in a messy world with messy people. We dance in it together!

And for the record, I am now a soulful + passionate creator of my life after overcoming C-PTSD, debilitating physical neck + shoulder pain, IBS, heart burn, depression, + anxiety due to multiple traumatic experiences + chronic stress on my body. I danced between fight or flight and freeze and fawn all the time. It was overwhelming + exhausting!

My life experiences motivate me to advocate for YOU + your emotional health. Moving through wanting to die two times in my life has made me a warrior rooting for women like you. It’s your time to reclaim a life you love! 

I will meet you in the space where you turn against yourself + in the shadows where you repress emotional pain. I will help you to gently release the parts of you that need to be seen, heard, validated, loved, + met with compassion. In short, I will guide you to free yourself from the prison of chaos you live in! I’m excited to co-regulate with you + guide you to a joyful life of calm + ease within yourself no matter what chaos is swirling around you!

Dancing with you in the messy middle!


A Little More of Jill's Story...

In the span of 11 years, I had 3 Big T traumas happen. My nervous system was exhausted and worn down. I felt hopeless, angry, hurt, confused, and deeply grieved. My soul ached. In 2020, I found myself wanting to die for the 2nd time in 11 years. In 2009 I first had a vision of committing suicide when my first marriage was so deeply struggling and my life felt really out of control. That unexpected visual scared the crap out of me!


Then in 2019/2020 after living a few years in an intense situation I found myself triggered and stuck in fight, flight, and freeze. My nervous system started to shut down from the extreme stress, anxiety, and depression. 


My childhood trauma was retriggered and it felt too heavy. One night I wanted to run away. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to stay. I didn’t want to leave. And I realized the stress and hardship was causing me to turn against myself. I hated parts of myself. The voices in my head felt exceptionally loud. I was panicking and scared I would do something I would regret later. The fight or flight energy was so extreme that night as I laid in bed all alone with my monkey mind. I texted my husband and asked him to get me a prescribed “chill” pill we had at home because I was in a very dark scary place. 


That night was my defining moment where I decided I can’t live like this anymore. I decided I won’t live like this anymore.


I took a stand and made a declaration that I wasn’t going back to a traditional talk therapist. I was officially diagnosed with having C-PTSD that year by a doctor. I had been doing cognitive talk therapy for two decades at that time, and while it helped some it wasn’t enough for me to get unstuck. I knew I needed a more holistic approach to heal from chronic stress + trauma in order to truly overcome the complex layers of trauma in my life.


I hired a trauma coach and my life started to change. The approach was so different than any counseling experience I’ve ever had. She was more open. She shared her struggles and story of overcoming them with me. She was available outside of the appointment. I had homework and accountability to make behavior change. I had a guide to light the way. I wasn’t alone in it. I had a friend, a cheerleader, and an accountability partner in the process…one who I could contact in the hard moments in between sessions.


I discovered the power of mind-body healing and through the next several years I made it my mission to learn and practice many integrative healing modalities, such as brain retraining, meditation, EFT tapping, embodiment, mindful self-compassion, somatic healing, inner child healing/parts work, movement therapy, and more. 
All of these things helped me take my power back! 


For the past 3 years, I have taken courses, workshops, and received certifications that led me down the path of inner peace. I know how to regulate my mind + body when I’m feeling anxious or depressed…and every emotion in-between. 


I actually like myself now and loving myself well is a priority. I nurture the hurting parts within me. I cheer myself on. Because I was forever changed it is my goal to pay it forward to as many women as possible.”


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