Coaching with Jill...

1:1 Emotional Health Coaching w/Inner Child Healing + Somatic Trauma Recovery

Coaching sessions are a safe space for you to bring your mess + not feel judged. Self-criticism is dropped at the door and curiosity is welcomed instead. Sessions involve learning mind-body recovery practices to calm your nervous system, untangling thought patterns + emotional addictions, reprocessing + releasing emotional pain from both mind + body, and turning towards yourself in effort to develop greater resilience + inner peace. 1:1 coaching sessions are personalized + follow a strategic gentle approach for building nervous system capacity to handle pain + pleasure with ease.

<<< Individual coaching sessions take place on Zoom + are booked at the links. If you are curious, book a 30 min coaching discovery call to experience a little bit of my somatic approach first!

Nourish Mind-Body Coaching
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Jill’s Coaching Mission

I help my clients to…
-calm the nervous system using somatic embodiment (start with body)
-retrain the brain + create new neuropathways
-overcome depression + anxiety
-develop self-compassion, self-acceptance, + self-trust
-create emotional safety for the scared, hurting parts
-heal from shame + guilt
-move through emotions fully
-create inner peace + connection with the mind + body
-expand capacity for difficulties
-develop resilience + confidence
-reconnect with joy + play

Speaking + Teaching

Hands on teaching workshops and transformational speaking engagements are customized to suit your needs. Jill offers small group + large group guided instruction with topics regarding mental and emotional health. Jill has been teaching kids to adults in various public formats since 2001.