Let's Dance in the Mess!

I Guide women to Dance in the mess of their human emotions, Retrain their brain + Body to receive peace + joy, and reclaim their power to live with confidence!

Do you feel exhausted + frustrated¬†that no matter how hard you try it’s not enough to ease the overwhelm?

Are you living in chronic cycles of stress, overwhelm, self-judgement, anxiety, or grief?

You are not broken, friend! 

Your nervous system is stuck in a survival stress cycle of fight, flight, or freeze.

Are you ready to live light, open, + free?

Peace is possible!
It’s time to reclaim your power!

When you have the skills to rewire your brain + body and feel equipped to respond to your emotions, you end the tug of war within yourself! This is the pathway to peace! ūüĎŹūüŹľ

It’s time to calm your inner chaos, reconnect with your inner power, + create capacity to embody more peace + joy!

The NOURISH Membership + Healing Hub is a safe space to learn how to interrupt the stress cycle, nourish your nervous system, + take your power back!

¬†Gain¬†increased self-awareness, compassion, + acceptance¬†as you learn to¬†turn towards yourself and your body’s wisdom. Learn skills to¬†reconnect compassionately with the parts of you that hurt deeply. It’s time to¬†thrive¬†with a regulated nervous system + endure stress with¬†greater ease!

Jill Howell is an¬†Emotional Health Coach + Somatic (Body Led) Stress Recovery Practitioner¬†who focuses on¬†nervous system healing through integrative embodied practices¬†with both mind + body. She has overcome anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic fatigue.¬†Jill’s vulnerability is her superpower + she guides you to bravely take one empowered step at a time¬†to¬†move from pain to peace.

Inner child healing/parts work (IFS therapy), Brain Retraining, and Somatics are the foundation of Jill’s 1:1 coaching to help you heal inner emotional wounds from the past, develop emotional resilience + stability, and physically¬†release stored tension + emotional stress stuck from your body.

Jill Howell

Emotional Health Coach + Speaker
Somatic Stress Recovery Practitioner
Located in Indianapolis, IN

“Jill is kind and empathetic and vulnerable. She helped me through the most difficult season of my life. She helped me find love and compassion for myself.”¬†


“Jill taught me all sorts of things to regulate my nervous system. Thanks Jill! You are one of a kind and you helped give my life back!”¬†


“Jill guided me to get to the underneath hidden wounds, to safely expose them, and work towards healing and moving my mind and body from being stuck.” 


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It’s time to take back your power!

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Let's Dance in the Mess Together!

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass.
It's about learning to dance in the rain!"